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Core Cutter System

Model 765AB Core Cutter designed for cutting from 3" through 6" I.D. cores.
Part No. 76928. Maximum core length over mandrel = 45"

Complete with 1/3 HP; 115/230 volt, 60 cycle single phase, AC Motor

Stand and 3 spare blades included

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Core Cutter Parts

Tooling Included:

Core I.D. Driver Assy Number Cutting Platen
3.000/3.015" 765905 766059
6.000/6.015" 765913 766055
Note: Sample cores required for core sizes not shown or if sizes differ from above standards


- Wired for 220V (will have to add a motor starter for safety reasons)
- #768922 Outboard bracket assembly, for support long cores up to 120"
- #229062 Knives (spares)


Minimum ID core diameter : 3"
Maximum OD core diameter: 6"
Maximum core wall thickness: 1/2"
Maximum core length with outboard support: 120"
Motor: 1/3 HP
Voltage: 110V AC
Machine Dimensions: 72" x 20" x 42"
Weight: 250 lbs

Sequence of operation:

The operator will lower the core cutter handle which houses the blade onto the core. While they are doing that they will push the core cutter thumb switch, that is in the handle. This will activate the motor and it will then spin the core. The blade will spin once it make contact with the surface of the core.

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