Policies For EZ Manual Core Cutter


Payment must be made in full prior to shipment.
Payment can be made by either credit card or check.


Delivery time runs approximately 7-10 business days from purchase date. Customer will be responsible for full shipping amount.


• The Warranty is for 1 year on all non-consumable parts of the core cutter.
• 30 Money Back Guarantee (less shipping).

Policies Custom Core Cutters

Lead Generation Terms and Conditions:

Nexstep Inc. provides the website as a lead generating source for Contract Industrial Control. All custom core cutters sales generated through are the property of Contract Industrial Controls and all rights and responsibilities are assumed by Contract Industrial Controls.

Terms of Payment

• 60% irrevocable deposit with order.
• 30% prior to shipment of equipment.
• 10% upon acceptance of equipment

All invoices are due upon receipt.


Equipment will be shipped from manufacturing site 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of deposit. This is based on our current workload and may vary at time of order placement.


Compliance with OSHA under the law is the responsibility of each employer. CIC endeavors to comply with the purposes and/or the applicable standards of OSHA. All machines and/or systems in this quote have been primarily analyzed for safety, and appropriate personnel protection is included in the price. Due to the fact that most of the machines and/or systems that CIC produce are custom designed, it is impossible to foresee all of the hazards associated with the operation of the machine or system. During the detailed engineering phase of the project a final Risk Analysis will be performed and additional personnel protection devices may be required.

At that time, you will be notified of any additional safety related equipment, procedures, or training that is required to make this equipment safe to operate.

These additions may be purchased from CIC or you may elect to supply the additional safety related equipment, procedures or training, you are completely responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the safety related equipment, procedure or training.


Seller warrants that goods manufactured by seller and covered by purchaser's purchase order shall confirm in all material aspects to the drawings, specifications, descriptions or samples furnished to or specified by Purchaser and shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of eighteen (18) months from date of shipment to purchaser. specializes in the design and manufacture of turnkey core cutters and core delivery systems. We also offer our customers a full line of core cutter parts and supplies. Our customer base is worldwide and includes many Fortune 500 corporations who trust to provide quality, cost effective core cutter solutions in a timely manner.

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